Hi, we are Moni Leipniker and Mario Banko, the owners, founders and operators of this business. Our story started about 13 years ago, when we met in the Caribbean. Ever since we live, work and have lots of fun together! Both of us are passionate about good, healthy food and everything else what is in connection with it.

Mario is the Chef, the boss in the kitchen 🙂 Mario has already decided to be a Chef, when he was a little boy and ever since he is still continuously studying. He is a professionally trained Chef, has a diploma as a nutrition and diet advisor from Denmark, nutritionist certificates from England and Australia. Mario is also an authentic japanese sushi chef, studied at the Sushi Academy in Tokio. He has traveled around the world for almost 20 years now where he learnt and experienced the different cooking cultures. Beside the cooking Mario loves photography, sailing, snowboarding, mountain biking or just simply hiking.

Moni is the one who organises the back office and welcome the guests at the front of the house. She has a diploma of Economic and Business Management, studied in the Gastronomy School of Switzerland and earned numerous certificates from the Hotel industry, as Wine- and Silver service. Moni loves to do anything what is out in the nature; cross country skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, running…anything just be out there!