During the summer season we are going to offer our authentic sushi and other delicacies in Vitznau.
Sens Asia by Yama opens from the 2nd of June @Vitznauerhof Hotel!

Look forward to see you soon!
Enjoy. STAY HEALTHY. Be happy.

OR visit the website of YAMA RESTAURANT and book a table.
Enjoy the cosy ambience, the excellent service and let yourself be spoiled by our delicacies.

our own 100% organic juices
Healthy lunch boxes
Vegan & vegetarian variations
Authentic Japanese sushi
Business and private catering
Various cooking classes

Always fresh, organic, local and regional products. Delicious!

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Our mission

An old saying: “You are, what you eat!”
That`s right! To be energised, effective and successful, you need to choose the source of your food carefully.
Healthy food comes from healthy ingredients.

Eating right keeps us healthy.
A healthy meal leads to less missed work, better quality performance, fewer doctor visits, and lower health care costs.

Our fresh and nutrient-rich lunch boxes and 100% bio juices give you the focus and energy you need to finish the day strong.

Our service leads to a happier and healthier you, that gets more stuff done.

How It Works

Choose Your Meal

Choose your meal and just give us a call. It’s easy and simple.

We Cook Your Meals

We cook and prepare your healthy meal. You receive your food in an environment friendly box.

Eat And Enjoy

No cooking. No hassle. Just enjoy your healthy meal at your office with your colleges or at home with your family.
Bon Appetit!

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Dispose of products with a clear conscience.
Help combat global warming.