Our food is organic, fresh and energising, and it changes every week. We care for the environment in everything what we serve, from our ingredients to our packaging.

Remember when mom would leave you lunch notes? We’re bringing this lovely habit back. We’re on a mission to make it simple for you to eat well and feel your best. We deliver the nourishing food that your mind and body need. We treat you with the warmest hospitality to delight and inspire you. We cheer you on with our organic food and a lunch note, so you can achieve more than you ever thought is possible.

We produce our own certified 100% organic juices.
What makes our fresh juice different?
We purchase the whole fruits and vegetables – they are 100% organic -, cut them up and then press them. Your fresh juice is created!
Creating juice from concentrate has up to 6 additional steps! Pasteurisation, dehydration, freezing, thawing, dilution and then reintroducing flavours. Killing essential vitamins and minerals in the process.
How long we can keep the juices?
Our juices has only a 4 days shelf life, as they contain only the pure fruits and vegetables.
The health benefits of juicing
Fresh juice nourishes our body with life-giving, vitamin rich and easy to digest nutrition. Juicing can help us look and feel great and it`s the easiest way to get nutrition into our diet. Drinking your veggies is much easier than to eat them.

And don`t forget:

Enjoy. Stay healthy. Be happy.

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